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Hey LLF Fam!! I just wanted to drop a few lines and to let you know about the new candles added to our Daydream line and the new scents added to our Sudsation line! Are you ready? You sure?? Well here it is! We now have Lemon Pound Cake, Apple Harvest, Black Sea and Caramelized Pralines. I swear if you could eat them, they would taste as good as they sound. Right now, our best seller is Lemon Pound Cake! It is by far my FAVORITE scent for Sudsation and Daydream. To order, click on the size of the candle that you would like to purchase, scroll down until you see the choices for scents and then choose the scent that you want. Your candle will be made with love in the size and scent that you purchased. We also have massage soap for those days that you want to work out those extra kinks and smell good while doing it. Be on the lookout for more clothing as the weather changes.



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