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I pray all is well with you during this pandemic. I know that times have been hard for a lot of people around the world, so know that all of you are in my prayers!

I wanted to drop a few lines your way and let you know what has been happening here at LLF. Our Sudsation Line has had a complete MAKEOVER!!!

For my OG's you know that we had good quality soap and the scents were absolutely AMAZING, but at some point we had to grow and improve our craft. I love making soap and I have dabble in some new things and I want to share them with all of you!

So check out the new video below and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. Ohhhhh before I forget, let me know below which ones you can't wait to get your hands on first.

Remember..... Captivate yourself by being naturally curious.

Be safe out here!

Chrissy Renae'

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