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OMG! It's October Already!

Hey LLF Fam! Can you believe that it is October 1st? The year is almost over and you know what that means!! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year!! (starts singing "It's The Final Countdown"). My calendar is full of so many activities and November and December are filling up too. As much as I love to stay busy, I HAVE to make time for not only my family, but for myself as well. Mental Health is so important. When was the last time that you took time out for yourself? You have to make sure that you are doing that. What good are you to your family if you're running on "fumes" everyday? What happens when you burn completely out? I had to learn this the hard way. My burn out was migraines. I have chronic migraines and sometimes my medication works, other times it doesn't. I had to change the way I eat and I learned that a large portion of it was stress. Stress from a job that would replace me in an instant. From that point on, I decided that I wasn't going to let it beat me. I took control, I work out more and I feel better all around. have to take care of YOU!

Sunday I did a late photoshoot and recorded a video (that I still need to edit by the way..facepalm). It featured some of the new items that we have in stock. They were the new cinch (drawstring vinyl) bags, the new "The Care Package" quote and our new Vanilla Candy Corn Daydream Candle (exclusively for the month of October). The candle is already available for purchase on the site. I will also be doing a giveaway this month so make sure that you keep an eye out for the notification. As always, make sure that you subscribe to my youtube channel and this website, follow/like us on instagram and facebook as well!

Be sure to LOVE yourself and others, LIVE your life to the fullest and always keep your FAITH high!



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