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Hey LLF Fam! I pray you all are well and are enjoying this new found freedom after being quarantined for over a year! What a time this all has been!

Since being in the house, I’ve found more ways to craft and create products that I know you all will love.

I am sooooo happy to introduce to you all my Savage Stones Tumbler Line!

I know that you have seen the pictures on my IG and FB, but now they are available for purchase on my website! So what are you waiting for??

head on over to to place your order! We even have a special right now that will allow you to receive a discount off of the Savage Stones Tee when it’s paired with a Savage Stones Tumbler! we also offer Sezzle! So if you want to pay in 4 installments instead of all at once AND get your items when you make the first payment, thwn Sezzle is the choice for you!! It’s a WIN-WIN!!

Thank you for all of your support!! Until next time…

Captivate yourself by being naturally curious 😘

-Chrissy Renae

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