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Our essential oils line of candles are free of candle dye and are only comprised of our 100% Soy wax and the essential oil combined. Orange is a natural essential oil that adds a juicy citrus scent to the candle.


Orange essential oil can be good for lifting mood and reducing stress to adding a fresh, citrusy aroma to a room. Research has shown that orange essential oil may have several benefits. Some examples include antimicrobial activity, pain relief, and anticancer properties.


*Note: The difference in color in the soy wax is not due to any candle dye, but due to the coloring of the natural orange essential oil.


  • The "wide mouth" container holds approx 14oz of candle wax, while the taller container holds approx. 15 oz of candle wax.

    Once the 15oz candles are sold, they will be discontinued and we will only utilize the "wide mouth" 14oz containers.

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